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The Strategy For Your
Music Production

A 45 minutes free one-on-one call on how to make your next release sound insane.

The best way to reach a goal?
Remove luck from the equation by following a strategy!

Success lies within your daily actions. Your process, your habits, and your strategy. Success is not achieved by one simple decision. You need to have a plan.

How come some bands reach their goals and some don't?
Some people might tell you a good recording is the key. Others say it's all about the mix. Then some say it's the master. Or is it the arrangement? Well, it's a bit of everything.

Typical goals when producing music?

  • To be proud of your music and share it with confidence.

  • Getting signed and touring the world!

  • Making a living out of music! Having sold-out gigs, millions of streams, and a solid fanbase!

Yet, most artists:

  • Don’t have high-quality productions. 

  • They are not being taken seriously by labels which forces them to play at the same small venues over and over again. 

  • They are struggling to grow their fanbase and they only have a small number of listeners.

The great thing? You're not alone on your journey, no need to figure it out all by yourself!
Let's talk about your next music production and we'll come up with a strategy, designed just for you. 

Picture of Maxim Losch in a music production studio for mixing and mastering rock and metal

Held by Maxim Losch,
Founder of Redville Studio

Maxim Losch specializes in mixing and mastering modern metal music.
Throughout his professional career, he worked with artists from a wide variety of genres. Additionally, he taught hundreds of audio students how to record, edit, mix, and master music. Thus resulting in expertise in planning high-end music productions and accurately isolating and overcoming roadblocks on the way to the band's goal.

What you'll get from this Strategy Session

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Frequently covered topics during Strategy Sessions

  • How to record a band in a rehearsal room?

  • How to edit a recording?

  • What does a mixing engineer need from a band?

and many more...

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